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Our Technology

Our quick production turn around times and high quality printing is a result of our extremely experienced and passionate team members and state of the art technology.

We pride ourselves in the technology we use which enables us to deliver efficient, high quality and cost effective solutions.

In recognition of the work MBf Printing has done to further printing technology in Malaysia we were awarded a grant from the Malaysian Investment Development Authority for our UTECO printer.

Some unique points of MBf technology:

  • Able to print 10 colours in one pass
  • Capability  of printing  400m/min
  • In house Design and Graphics team
MBf Commercial Printing Services

Pre Press

Use of Computer-To-Plate (CTP) technology to automate the process from design to print in extensive range formats for efficiency and high-quality production


Utilisation of computer-controlled technology from Komori and Heidelberg across varied press equipment, ensure high quality and volume in production


Use of fully automated and a wide range of machinery like folder gluer, carton erectors, die cutters, laminators, collators etc ensures your printing and packaging solutions come to form.

Front-end equipment

  • 2 X roll feed sheeting machines
  • High speed flexographic – UTECO 10+3 colour
  • 7 colour KOMORI printing machine
  • 5 colour HEIDELBERG CX 102 printing machine
  • BOBST die cutter machine
  • 4 X IBERICA die cutter

Back-end equipment

  • High-speed BOBST expert fold – Straight gluing machine with auto packer
  • Easy Gluer – Straight gluing machine
  • 535 – Straight gluing machine
  • JAGENBERG – Straight gluing machine
  • 5 X Clamshell forming machines
Brands we proudly use

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